About Jon Tallen

Following a nearly 30-year career in sales and management, Jon Tallen currenly serves as principal and president with Twisted Waters Consulting Services. Based out of Minnetrista, Minnesota, Tallen holds experience in team leadership, global vendor management, contract negotiations, and supply chain management. His training includes areas ranging from conflict resolution and profit and loss management to reverse logistics and sales development. Moreover, Jon Tallen attends industry events such as the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas and the International CES in Shanghai. 

Prior to accepting his current position, Tallen enrolled at the University of Minnesota and earned degrees in economics/statistics and sociology/social psychology. After graduating, he joined Best Buy Company. Serving the electronics company for over two decades, Jon Tallen earned recognition as District Manager of the Year, won its first Employee Heroes Award, and oversaw a West Coast expansion that brought him to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. 

Concluding his tenure with Best Buy as senior manager of national parts sourcing, he returned to Minnesota. From Minneapolis, Tallen served as vice president of sales development and senior vice president of strategic relationships for Sun Nursery and Micro Product Distributors, respectively. At the latter firm, he aided the company’s presidents Hansel Luis and Michael Schuler.


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